About Us

The Logical Pakistani is an initiative which aims to promote tolerance and harmony. Lately, Pakistan has been plagued the horrors of extremism, and this ideology stems from the irrational and illogical reasoning given by people, with underlying motives, to destabilize the country. The Logical Pakistani wants to make the bigger picture obvious; our idea is to sow love and peace in our country.

Pakistan’s name has become synonymous terrorism, and between the internal war of the liberals and conservatives, we have forsaken our culture, our heroes, and our pride. Through this platform, we hope to educate our youth about the bravery of our heroes, their achievements and the richness of culture this country has to offer. We want to start a discussion, where people can celebrate the similarities, instead of focusing on the differences.

Through this platform, we also hope to encourage people to talk about things which are often hushed up. Talking about something is the first step towards accepting a problem. Our society is used to turning a blind eye to most situations and we hope, that by addressing these issues, by bringing them out in the open, we’ll be able to generate rational discussions which will, in turn, help us bring about change.

It is the time that we bring to the world, a side of Pakistan, which is free from hatred and violence. Though this is a small initiative, we must all contribute to the betterment of Pakistan. We would also like to welcome all the sane voices to come and join us in our cause, so that together, we may emerge victoriously.