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Tribal Districts ex. FATA gets their Historic Representation at Legislative Level !!

In the past, the Tribal Districts were stripped off casting any type of votes related to provinces a...

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Prime Minister Imran Khan Visit To United States

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan left for a visit to the United States of America for a 3-day o...

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PTI led Government presented its first Federal Budget for Fiscal year 2019-20

As we all know that Pakistan is going through various of problems and in order to sort out these pro...

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Respectable jobs can change Transgender people’s life

Acceptance of transgender people always remained a disputatious topic in a country like Pakistan. Wh...

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Amazing People Like Him Do Exist!

On Tuesday night around 8PM I ordered myself an UBER, unlike all the posts I have read about bad exp...

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Things Not To Do After Graduation

I would like to congratulate all the graduates and all those who have supported you all through year...

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