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HASNA , Name of commitment and courage!

Admin    15 April 2019    0 comments

Despite being handicapped, this queen of Thar has courage and a noble cause to spread education.

I started to teach girls when I had not any option left for living, my mother said “teach innocent kids they would give you ‘PRAY’ as a reward”, chuckling and grinning teeth in within face, Middle class pass 26 years old, handicapped (without having two hands and one leg) from village Bittrra; 36 km away from Mithi Hasna Hajjaman told to our team.

She added as “I teach whatever I have learnt but have passions as would that! My village could be enlisted as Model village”. She does not only teach but does embroidery work and train other women too. “Thar is suffering and used to be highlighted in Media for relief and other things but for me let us teach females and see flourished Thar” said by Malala of Thar.

She has been teaching more than 30 girls since last two years, as well as train women. Recalling past, Hasna further said ‘I started school in hut built by my brothers, and taught there than with the support of Electronic and Print Media (my profile was also shared on Social Media), people reached here.

Building for school and vocational center built by them (philanthropists), they would pay salary as well as machines” shared by Hasna, she confidently said, “Now I do assure to teach all children of my village and give and spread the message that Educate Girls”.

Source: HoT