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The One Woman Show| Aizzah Fatima

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Aizzah Fatima

Aizzah Fatima is an actress and producer based in United States but she belongs to Pakistan. She is known for Yaatra (2012), Doff Thy Name (2010) and Stuff (2013) and now for her recent hit “The Dirty Paki lingerie” a theater play where she gives her solo performance. Indeed it is a one woman show. Yes you heard it right, she acts on stage alone and do all the characters by herself.

It is better with every version she shows up. The play ” Dirty Pakistani Lingerie” is highly acclaimed and praised in abroad.

Looking at her career background we found that she was in Google. To pursue her dreams Aizzah Fatima left Google and focused full-time on her play, Dirty Pakistani Lingerie.

Aizzah started writing her comedy, in which she plays six Pakistani-American females struggling to find their place in two different cultures, while working at the tech giant. May be she wanted to give the clearer picture of one Paki American woman who are simultaneously living in two worlds.

Initially, she performed it while working for the firm, but left to take up acting full-time. Aizzah said in an interview,“I think I’ve always wanted to get into the arts, but it’s a tougher lifestyle.

In another interview Aizzah said, “There was a human side to this experience of being a Muslim-American woman that was completely missing in the media, completely missing in the types of characters we see in film, TV, theater. I wanted to portray Muslim women, especially women who cover their hair, the way I know them to be, as activists and feminists and very outspoken go-getters.”

For the crowd across the pond, the phrase “Paki” is a derogatory term used in Britain, where it was first published in tabloids in the ’60s to refer to all South Asians. However, Fatima feels these stereotypes will soon be laid to waste in the coming decades.

Through her acts she is trying to give a better and bigger insight that Pakistani Women are not what they are perceived, they have struggled a lot and has changed with the time. They are now proving their abilities just like all other women belonging to different cultures living in American society do. Indeed she is one of the female comedians who make Pakistanis proud living in abroad.