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One girl two wheels| Zenith Irfan

Admin    15 April 2019    0 comments

Zenith Irfan

This young 20 years old Lahori girl got fame in no time through her travel blog on Facebook, 1 Girl two Wheels.

Zenith Irfan wanted to fulfill her late beloved father’s wish, who wanted to go on world tour on a bike. When Zenith expressed her wish to fulfill his father’s wish, her mother stood by her and told her to go ahead.

Struck with wanderlust, the young adventuress has recorded everything about her journey on bike to Kashmir on her Facebook page. That page is brimming with inspiring experiences, motivational musings and breath-taking photographs as she traverse through the terrains of the northern land.

Passionate, crazy, rugged and daring, the Lahori lady has already completed her solo tour to the valleys of the Earth’s Paradise by being on road for just six days.

Unleashing the biker girl in her, the voyage has helped her connect to nature and even revived her spiritual senses. Her lifestyle on road includes a lot of camping, meeting the locals and playing with kids.

In her Facebook post she recently posted, ‘’ – We are so caught up in the struggles of life that we often fail to understand the definition of happiness let alone, we are lost in chaos. There is no goal to turn to, no reason to wake up in the morning. Everything is viewed as a mosh web of lies, deceit and betrayal.

It’s the road that lets the light come into your heart and awakens your senses of self-discovery. For today, keep away your cellphone and just for a few seconds absorb the energy around you. Absorb the happiness. Realize the wonder you are!”

We are looking forward for her more travel stories, she is indeed an inspiration for many girls.