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Moms Don’t Have To Stay Home To Raise Happy Kids

Admin    13 April 2019    0 comments

The title here is not about if a mother be working is justified in moral or societal terms. It has more of a natural concept with gravity of nature’s rules and policies to operate the world. It was Herbert Spencer who coined the term of survival of the fittest. This phrase didn’t mean that one with more physical power will survive neither it meant to be favoring the organisms with more intellect. It simply meant that organisms who adapt to ever changing circumstances a will manage to survive. In this android age when people say that moms shouldn’t be working, they are ignorant of the meaning of “fittest” and are against the stream of adaptation. In this age when multi-purposefulness is indispensible one shouldn’t be favoring that un-natural concept for it is nature’s way to put the world in balance.
In addition to that, anthropology says that the ancient people had culture of working women. Ancient studies show that men used to go hunting while women performed the duty of carrying water from nearby sources. Moreover, women used to sow the corpses, prepare the food, assist their husbands in making hunting instruments and sometimes even hunt on their own. But none of these things made them lousy mothers rather it planted the quality and strength of character in their children. In human history, moms had always been working in all domains of life and none was any lesser mom.
Apart from the nature’s perspective, it is ethical also. A working mom, in fact, is walking the legacy of all those moms who worked before and struggled for their right to survive and survive better.
Another considerable reason for moms to be working is social contribution factor. What would be the use of knowledge and education of women if it is restricted to a single house after becoming a mother? That’s simply not the way nations progress and compete for it is not about a single home anymore but much larger than that.
Nonetheless, a working mom can be a role model to her children. This is, again, a more than vital thing that helps building a strong and purposeful character. It is such a cliché that only fathers are and can be role model. It is equally logical and justified for a mother to be a role model. A working mother has more likeliness of being a role model to her children than a father. These all are the active outcomes for a mother who is working. A mother with strong mind is more likely to raise happy children. In passive scenario a mother who is working has more exposure, more confidence and extraordinary abilities to raise her children fully equipped with necessary traits to be among the “fittest”. That’s how generations of leaders, scientists, artists and thinkers can be secured.