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Success story

Young Pakistani Makes $230,000 By Working Online

My name is Danyal, but people usually call me by my nickname, Danny. I’m 22 years old and live...

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One student’s journey from small-town Balochistan to Harvard University

Located on the outskirts of Quetta, is the barren valley of Mariabad where the Hazara lead slow-pace...

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LUMS Graduate’s Co-founded e-Commerce Venture, Raises USD 67 M

WADI a GCC based Ecommerce platform co founded by LUMS alumna. Kanwal Sarfraz BSc Honours Class of 2...

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Farhan Masood: One of The Brilliant Minds In The World

Meet Farhan Masood, A college dropout, An entrepreneur, CEO Solo Smart and self learnt technologist....

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Meet Hisham Sarwar, A Pakistani Freelancer With Over $1 Million in Earnings

Starting out with a regular job at a US based company, Hisham quickly found out that as a creative d...

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