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Things Not To Do After Graduation

Admin    13 April 2019    0 comments


I would like to congratulate all the graduates and all those who have supported you all through years. The day you graduate is a day of celebration of your remarkable accomplishments, and from that day you are supposed to reflect what you have in yourself. As a graduate myself, I’d like to offer few suggestions for you to take on the road.

As you’ve figured it out already that my advice is not focused on what you SHOULD DO as, you go forward. Because in my opinion the options are too vast and the world is too complex rather I’d like to offer you eight suggestions that you must not do after graduation.

Please do yourself a favor, don’t ask anybody what you should do, nobody knows you more than you. Draw your map and identify where the way and dead ends lay.

So the first item on my recommended list is;

  1. Give in to pressure to be like everyone else, being able to march to the beat of your own drummer is a critical component of building your own life in a way that is worth living. This is difficult though in a world like conformity. Your dreams may not fit in with those around you, but they make you, who you are. Look out the history pages, many things are built by dreamers who refused to quit under pressure.
  2. But, But, But this thing should also be in your mind that “for every successful dreamer, there are many unsuccessful ones. so I think you should ask yourself what distinguishes you from the other. For that use some critical thinking skills which hopefully must have improved over the last few years. You must be able to recognize that occasionally your dream and your drummer are truly determined to drown you. There are times in life when the best course of action is to cut bait and find a different approach and that’s what the biggest challenge of life is. To know when to fight on and when to let go.
  3. The third item on my list is NEVER AFRAID TO BE A LITTLE BIT CRAZY, as I look back to my whole life, the best things that ever happened to me were because of some crazy ideas. Even you’ll also agree with me if you’ve observed the world a little. Tell me if the most famous, artists, leaders, athletes and billionaire are not CRAZY PERSONS.
  4. On number four, I’d say you must not and never ignore or underestimate your talent and skills. I know, there is enormous pool of talent in Pakistan each of us expresses their talent in a different way. Just know in what you’re good at, and build yourself on your strengths. A person can be significantly happier and much more successful when he realizes that he could identify dreams that fit with their talent as opposed to simply dreams that didn’t fit.
  5. Ignore your weaknesses. This is confusing right? Now you must be thinking, I shouldn’t ignore my strengths or my weaknesses? Well, you got to need to handle on both. Most of us have weaknesses that will affect our ability to reach our goals. Ignoring them will prevent you from achieving all that you can achieve.
  6. For number six, I encourage you to, do not be afraid of failure or even be overwhelmed.

    We live in a world that mostly focuses on success but flying means that you have to be willing to crash and occasionally crash hard. You can’t run for office, start a company, take your dream job, tackling dissertation, fall in love, have children, improve your community or even try to make difference in the community if you fear failure or simply fear being overwhelmed. Failing is an opportunity to be smarter, try harder, reach deeper and to learn to pick yourself up and simply try again. Although you may wanna choose different strategy, if you go with the be smarter option.
  7. Second to last on my list is, don’t forget this world need more compassion and not less, you have much to offer the world but skills, dreams, talents and even education will all fall short if they’re not blended with compassion including those who are very different from you. We live in a world that needs more social responsibility  and every one of you is capable of making a dent in the problem.
  8. Lastly please make time for all the little things that make life worth leading. There are many ways to build a life worth living but also save space to mindfully appreciate very small ways in which life can bring you joy, whether it’s a meal with loved once, enjoying your favorite form of exercise, appreciating a beautiful scenery, maybe buying groceries from the market or for me doing rap on Eminem’s beats. Take time to enjoy all that life has to offer.

So to all of you, go and be brilliant, the world expects nothing less from you.