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Education in Sindh: Are the students cheating or the system?

Admin    13 April 2019    0 comments


The overall situation of education in Pakistan is quite embarrassing yet this situation even gets worse when we shift our focus to the interior of the Sindh where literacy ratio is found to be the minimum among all other provinces. The root cause for this is the copy paste culture which is prevailing like cancer in examinations.

The administration seems helpless to control the situation as students are openly cheating and defying the rules of examinations. A large number of cases of cheating and impersonation were observed at various centers across the province as the Higher/Secondary School Certificate Examinations were taking place. The authorities haven’t taken any realistic steps to get rid of the copy culture. The art of using unfair means at examinations in our country has quite developed over the years. The cheating material is brought in examination centers and every possible way is being implemented in using unfair means. Realistically, now examinations only determine the capability of students to cheat.

As a result,  many of competent and intelligent students are adversely affected by this brutal act of copy culture. The copy culture is killing, individuality and creative faculties of students’ mind. Thus our examination system has failed to award the students with the knowledge as well as the meaning of life. Because of this, merit suffers and because of that, the country suffers.


In such era, where Mankind is now experiencing its fifth and most intense technological revolution, and we are transitioning into the Hybrid Age, education remains a topic of discussion in every part of the world. Researchers are trying to find out new ways of defining the pedagogical process. The old methods of teaching are now regarded as something of the bygone. Unluckily, in our education system, the teaching methods, books, and examination patterns are outdated, the non-dedicated and non-qualified teachers are not concerned about making student, a good learner.

The Authorities, don’t realize the value of education and this is the gravest reason for Sindh to be lagging behind in terms of education. The government of Sindh seems helpless against this practice which is backed by the educational institutions, Examination Boards especially Hyderabad and Sukkhar Boards, political personalities and feudalists who are making fortunes from this business. Ex-Education Minister of Sindh, Nisar Khuhro boasted that government will not let this culture prevail but despite his high claims, authorities concerned have failed to rein in the extensive and obvious cheating culture that seems to flourish day by day. The arrangements made and the tactics used by the government of Sindh turned out to be a mere waste of time, money and resources.


To make government solely responsible for this contamination is also not correct as teachers and parents are equally responsible for this heinous act. Universities and other educational institutes demand more than 90% for an admission, the fate of students is decided by its previous results, the board results are used to draw a line between the extraordinary and average students. So, It’s a common practice in Sindh that, most of schools and colleges help their students to cheat in exams.

There are a number of teachers in interior Sindh who had never gone to their classes and encouraged their student to cheat instead of teaching them honestly and there are a number of teachers in Urban Sindh who treat education as a business.

They don’t sincerely teach the students in schools in the morning and rather suggest them to join their private tuition in the evening. Parents in this regard are also equally culprits who never took interest in their child’s studies. They want them to take good grades by hook or crook. Some of the parents can be seen in front of the examination halls helping them in their sacred perusal of education.

Cheating culture is increasingly dominant in the education system and it has become a pervasive phenomenon all over Sindh. Many of the students appearing in the board exams secure A or A+ grade without even attending their classes.

On the other hand, in practical life, people tend to measure us on the basis of our abilities and expertise, not only on the basis of our certificates or status. By cheating, we can get good marks not knowledge and unable to call ourselves, educated. Generally speaking, most company managers will hire only such workers as would meet the company’s requirement, while others will be shown the door. The poor standard/quality of education in Sindh requires immediate measures to save our generation from being lost to the future. Thus it is necessary to adopt expedient and rational measures to bring about vital changes to the prevailing examination system.

How will our students compete with the world? When they just pass an examination by doing copy and get a worth piece of paper known as degree without knowledge. I would like to request the authorities concerned to look into the malpractice of copy culture seriously, especially in Sindh, and take the initiative of goal- oriented teacher training workshops and modern learning techniques in rural schools and colleges for both teachers and students, respectively. Above all, positive steps should be taken to stop the malpractice exercised during the examination.