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Do the articles 62 & 63 need to be revoked from the Constitution of Pakistan?

Admin    13 April 2019    0 comments

A person shall not be qualified to be elected or chosen as a member of Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) unless, he is sagacious, righteous and non-profligate, Sadiq and Ameen, there being no declaration to the contrary by a court of law.
It has prompted all kinds of reactions, from multiple institutions, many of whom have interests in maintaining the status quo vis-à-vis Article 62 (f) of the Constitution – known commonly as the ‘Sadiq and Ameen’ clause.

Now, The Ruling party of Pakistan wants to introduce some changes to the articles 62 and 63, which are responsible for the political death of their leader. While the opposition party and Loyal allies of the Ruling party like Maulana Fazal are opposed to making any changes but the PML-N clearly encourages it because the outcome suits them and without having any fear of the forthcoming consequences.

Recently, we asked The Logical Pakistani community: “Do the articles 62 & 63 need to be revoked from the Constitution of Pakistan?”

These were the most noteworthy responses:

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