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How Education Changed My Life

Admin    12 April 2019    0 comments


I was born in one of most undeveloped areas of Southern Pakistan, Bhakkar; an area which still has no electricity connection, a region with no basic facilities especially schools. There was no defined destination for my life, but I was optimistic and had hope. To my fortune, when I was 7, first ever non-formal school was established in my area called “Gair Rasmi School Daira Syed Chan Shah wala Khansar Bhakkar” The literacy rate was very low and my personality had been molded by that. But then, a teacher recruited by Basic education community school system came to our home and tried to persuade my parents to give education to me and my sisters. She visited our house 6 to 7 times until my parents got convinced. From here, the journey to my destination began.

After tremendous struggle, I got my degree of F.Sc.The college was around 40 Km away from my home and I used to travel daily on bus. Fortune always favors the prepared minds. I appeared in UET Lahore entry test and luckily was able to get admission in one of the prestigious engineering institute of Pakistan i.e. University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. I continued my struggle, worked really hard, got first position in my class and became Gold Medalist of my Class. I have achieved the CGPA of 3.907. Keeping in view my educational performance despite the backward background, Federal and Provincial Govt. also acknowledged my efforts and awarded me two gold medals. I have been working as a Lecturer at University of Engineering & Technology Lahore since September 2014. Now my ambition is to provide those missing opportunities in my village which I couldn’t get. I have firm belief that you need to work hard to achieve your goals, especially in education – nothing is impossible!”

Submitted By Syed Arif Hussain