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Madam Kamla Poonam from Mithi, Tharparkar.

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Madam Kamla Poonam

I was born in Tando Jam. After primary education, there was only urdu medium to study, which my family members didn’t want me to study. I was ambitious about studies since then and grabbed first position throughout schooling years. It was my privilege to be the first girl from a middle-class family of our community to go out of Mithi for studies. Back in those days, I had to opt psychology instead to science, in which I was selected due to my good grades. Because my college was in Hyderabad and I lived at Tando Jam and I had a terrible conveyance problem.

After graduation, there was sad demise of my father and then marriage afterwards, therefore I couldn’t pursue my education at that time. But thankfully I was able to do it afterwards.

Teaching was never my personal choice, my mother made me choose so. And by time, I just fell in love with it. I’m thankful to her.

Back in 1988, Hyderabad’s conditions were getting worse day by day and for sake of my daughter’s education, I had to shift Mithi for safe environment. During early years of shifting to Mithi, we faced too many hurdles: no newspaper, no conveyance, no other basic facilities were there. But because of her college exams and curfew in #Hyderabad, I remained in Mithi afterwards. I’m proud of that decision; she became doctor and is teaching at #LUMHS now.

I was in govt. job for 31 years. And became headmistress in 1992. I worked with honesty throughout my life and my lord payed me back with my children’s education. In 2001, my husband fell ill, and I had to educate my children also, so I asked for retirement, so I may become somewhat financially stable. But due to my honesty and hard work, my retirement wasn’t accepted for almost an year. My senior Aapa Saleh wanted me to work more. They always had appreciated my work. My son suffered from brain virus then, and all money what I got after retirement went after his recovery.

After giving a big part of my life to teaching, I was emotionally attached to this profession. I stayed free for one year at home, but I was absolute restless there.
So I started my own school “Deep Academy”. Firstly, there were only 2 students enrolled and the number started increasing gradually. By grace of God, this is one of the finest school of city now. If someone today asks me of achievements, I would say, “Awards are just a piece of plastic, my greatest achievement is that my children and students are well-educated now.”

I was director in TRDP and Aurat Foundation, trainer in Allama Iqbal Open University and Elementary college. My prime focus was on girls’ education all the time. Education is a weapon and it is saddening to see closed weapon industries. And one more drawback in our education system includes way of teaching. Teachers act as dictators here. I would say, “Love them, everyone wants to learn” .

I have wrote many articles in newspapers. Got Best Teacher Award, Award of appreciation by SARC and was chief guest in TRDP World Food Program.

And in end, I would like to give message, “#Education is like a spinal cord for human, without which, he is of no use. Education never means a degree; degree is not important, ethics are. Character is lost, everything is lost.

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