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It was a difficult journey starting from an anchor.

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Hasina Zehra Nagri

I am Hasina Zehra Nagri and I am first female anchor at Hadi International TV from Gilgit Baltistan.
I got my early education from Al Mustafa public school and College Gilgit. Afterwards I along with my family moved to Islamabad where I continued my further education. I have currently finished my Bachelors in Politics and I am preparing for CSS now. From my school days, I had great knack for debates and speeches so I participated in many competitions and functions organized by my school and also won many times. And this knack led me choosing my career in Media line as an anchor later on.

My career in media streamline stared during my matriculation when I joined Radio Pakistan as a host. In 2011 I got Appreciation letter from Radio Pakistan because of my zealous work. It greatly increased my moral and interest in this field. Later on, I joined Hadi International TV. Having experience as a host before, I was given position as an anchor at the very start. Currently I am serving my responsibilities as an anchor in Hadi TV. Having great affinity for this particular field, I have received many trophies, shields and appreciation letters during my career.

I initially wanted to be Engineer but afterwards changed my mind and ventured out to be in media field. Proffering out in other majors and if it is in a media streamline rather than in Medical or Engineering, invites a lot of criticism from everyone in society. This decision was difficult but nonetheless I remained steadfast. I comprehend that these both professions are noble but success isn’t determined by being in them. Success is the result of foresight and resolution and it is constructed on deep thinking and planning. In the nutshell, you need to be determined and it will be there in the end of the day in whatever field you are in. So, we are in a dire need of changing this status quo and endeavor into other majors.

It was a difficult journey starting from an anchor at Radio Pakistan to be HAdi Tv anchor at an age of 21.But being profession at the age of 21 speaks of my valor and commitment and at the end of day I stand victorious and made my family proud. There are many people especially girls out there who are interested in media line but can’t do so because of society’s pressure and trepidation. But believe me; if you remain focused on your work and dreams, you will achieve whatever you wanted at the onset of dawn. But patience is required because success doesn’t have shortcuts. If I can do it; I believe many other girls from Gb can do it too. So don’t be afraid and take out the first step, it is difficult but not impossible, and eventually path towards triumph will be automatically paved. All you have to do is believe in yourself!

Source: Daughters Of Gilgit Baltistan.