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I May Completely Go Blind By Age Of 40 But I Wont Lose Hope !!!

Admin    11 April 2019    0 comments

Izaz Kazmi

As my parents were first cousins. I was born with the disease of himyopia. It is a genetic problem, it is a disease in which you cannot see properly at night.
I can only see from my one eye while the other eye does not work. It is hard for me to make eye contact with people. For the first two years i could never see the colors of the world.

My parents never knew that i could not see properly. My mother was always worried about my moves, she always noticed something different about my behavior, I was not able to walk in dim light and when the lights turned off I used to cry. My mom became curious, she wanted to check whether I had an eye problem or not.

Finally, when she found out the doctors told her that I would never be able to study, if she would force me to get education, I would loose my eye vision completely. So for the first time at the age of 2 years i got my eye glasses of -10 number. My world totally changed. I still remember the clock needles used to move very fast, I cant forget that day. I thought it happens with every kid, as i grew older i came to know that I am one of those special kids I felt totally different like i was out of the world. I wanted to be a cricketer but it broke my heart a little that I could never play for my country.

I used to ask my mom when would I go to school as i saw my elder siblings going to school everyday. My mother was always afraid about admitting me to school with normal children that I would be bullied. But somehow she got the courage and got me admitted. At the age of 7 I was in my preparatory class. The first day was very strange for me because all of the kids were 4 or 5 they all were crying, I was a little mature among them.

From that day onwards I made an aim whatever happens i would continue my struggle. Then years kept on passing by & now today I am a 21 years old IT student in one of the top university of my country.

It was only possible because of my mom’s courage. She gave me the confidence to go out and be myself. I can’t thank my mother for what she has done for me today and what she is always doing. She has always been a best friend of me!

I have been to almost all the hospitals of my country & the answer was the same that there is no cure for my disease moreover i may go completely blind by the age of 40 or so. But this doesn’t slows me down but it gives me courage to do more and more out of time!

The purpose of sharing my story is maybe someone like me may get a new hope, never loose hope, always do what you have to do, whatever is made for you, you’ll get it by the right time,respect your parents and love them to the last limit!

Izaz Kazmi