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How Hindus in Pakistan are treated?

Admin    11 April 2019    0 comments

Kundan Jai Shankar. Mithi. Sindh

I love interacting with people on Facebook, specially foreigners. After little formal introduction they always come up with questions like: “How is Pakistan for Hindus?”, “How Hindus in Pakistan are treated?”, “Is Pakistan safe for Hindus” etc. I don’t understand why they always think of Pakistan as perilous place to live, as if Hindus here can be bombed anytime of the day.

I agree that there are cases of Hindus being tortured but I believe that it will be unwise to make up an entire sketch of Hindus living in Pakistan based on them. You may say that there are very few Pakistanis who hate Hindus but you can never say that all Pakistanis hate Hindus. Trust me, many of them love Hindus. I hope everyone is aware of the fact that every coin has two sides.

Many people believe that TTP, LeJ, Al-Quaida, ISIS and others can never represent Islam then how can they believe a handful of bigots torturing hindus can represent entire Pakistani nation and the tortured Hindus show image of entire Hindu community of Pakistan. People need to know that there are many Hindus here in Pakistan, who are happy being Pakistani.

I’m born and raised in Sindh. Particularly known as land of Sufism, peace and harmony. And it is known so for a reason. I personally have rarely faced any religious prejudice from the people around me. It is not that I never talk to Muslims therefore i don’t face any extremism, it is because people around me don’t believe in extremism. They have never thought of us as different from them. Even majority of the people in my social circle are Muslims and I love them. We study together, we eat in same plate, we drink in same glass and we have good time together; and to do that, you just don’t need to be a bigot. Let me share an incident that took place few days ago. I has hanging out with my friends at university’s canteen and one of them said, “Hindus are never trustworthy”. I ignored because it was just a joke but all others there literally abused him for saying so. Trust me, I was the only Hindu there and I was never that proud of my circle. Not only Sindh, I have seen Punjab and KPK also. I was failed to find any prejudice there even.

One more interesting question people ask me, “do you support India in cricket match”. I m born in Pakistan, raised in Pakistan, still live in Pakistan, have never thought of leaving Pakistan, my family and friends are here in Pakistan then why on earth will I support India? I have always failed to find out the logic behind that. Or may be people asking me such question are very much poor at general knowledge. They need to know that there are 200 million Muslims in India and none of them supports Pakistan then why am i suppose to India.

Being a Hindu and Pakistani, I may have many problems with Pakistani Govt but I can never have problem with Pakistani people. There can be many reasons of not being happy with Govt but I can not find single reason of not being happy with Pakistani people. Talking on general, we may conclude that if there are ninety out of hundred persons against you, then there is a problem but if there is only one person against you, better ignore him. In nutshell, “Pakistani people are awesome. It is just the perspective which has made them bad.”

  • Kundan Jai Shankar from Mithi Sindh.