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It Entirely Depends On How We Represent Our Country

Admin    11 April 2019    0 comments

Maham Saeed

I am Maham Saeed, and I am currently living in the United States as an exchange student.I got here through the YES exchange program. And to be very honest, in the beginning, the only thing which kept on attracting me towards this big opportunity was just going outside my country and living in USA. But when I got here my thinking somehow changed, I realized that being an exchange student I have a responsibility of representing a good picture of my country and adopting positive things from US culture. However,I still wasn’t sure about what I was doing and how was I an “ambassador” of the country. But last week was an international education week.

I gave around 40 presentations during this week and probably it was then during those presentations I realized that what I am here for. At the beginning of the presentation most of the people were either ignorant or like Oh Pakistan, wait are you going to shoot us?? Are you in favor of ISIS?? and all such questions which pop into a person’s mind who is not from Pakistan. But it was just a priceless experience to hear from them “Oh we wish Pakistan did exchanges because we really want to learn about it, its so awesome and colorful. I was literally in tears and I couldn’t believe that I was successful in presenting a good image of my country and convincing my audience that no doubt Pakistan is a blessed nation.

The melancholy over here is that that is what people of the World think about Pakistan. I was really glad that I was able to show a small fraction out of the 7 billion people that how beautiful my country is. But what about the rest of the World?? We have to do it together but first need to own our Country and our flaws. Rather than always complaining about the many problems in Pakistan and playing a blame game all the time we need think over the issues our Country is facing and take responsibility of representing this Country as a truly blessed nation as the citizens of Pakistan. It is our responsibility to break all the stereotypes that people have about Pakistan and at the same time we also have broaden our spectrums for seeing the World and increase our acceptance for other cultures.

It entirely depends on how we represent our country as a war site or as a beautiful young nation with a motivational history, exuberant people and flamboyant culture.

Lets do it!!
Pakistan Zindabad!