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My Dreams & Spirits Are Higher Than a Normal Human Being – Sarim Hassan

Admin    11 April 2019    0 comments

Sarim Hassan

Hi, I am Sarim Hassan, I’m a muscular disorder patient but my dreams & spirits are higher than a normal human being? I was completely fed up of my life. I have never been to school my entire life and took home tuition till grade 4. Then there were some issues with my body due to muscular disorder so I had to leave tuition. I was drowning in despair. I couldn’t do anything but I always wanted to do something big, then one day I was lying on the bed and I said to myself that Sarim what is the purpose of your life? Are you supposed to do this all over your life, from the wheelchair to the bed and from the bed to the wheelchair? You can’t wait for a miracle to come and make you walk.

I realized that rather than cursing myself and shedding tears at night I must do something If I really want to be something. I need to work for that, I need to plan something. I didn’t give up, I realized that Allah has made me human being therefore I am obliged to do something for my country and it’s people. Allah has created human beings to help one another. If Allah didn’t want me to help others, he would’ve made me cow or goat but he chose me to be human so that I can help others. Then I decided to put my 100% efforts and leave results on Allah as Indeed he is the best planner & Indeed, Allah hasn’t created a human useless but its up to us how we do from what Allah has given to us.

Then I thought to take initiative to make my name and do something which is beneficial for other human beings but couldn’t come up with something. Later I discussed with my friends and that what should I do. All of them referred me that I should make “social media” as a ladder for my success because it changes people’s lives. After that I created a page “Sarim’s Site” and I am working hard on that page. It’s my dream to become an Ideal a Role Model an Inspiration for Millions just like Stephen Hawking & Muniba Mazari. I have a lot of plans in future, I want to start my own NGO to help poor people.

I want to make myself professionally strong. In the future I want to start my own restaurant and men’s saloon. I want to tell the whole world that people like me can also succeed in life like normal people. I strongly trust Allah and I know he is with me and helping me and as social media changed lives of many people, it will change my life too and one day I don’t know when but one day it would be my day and my dream would be fulfilled InshaAllah.

Sarim Hassan

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