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Did Faizabad sit-in make any difference?

Admin    11 April 2019    0 comments

Faizabad protest

A regular Saturday afternoon was turned into a troubling one when all of a sudden citizens experienced roads blockade. It happened when law enforcers launched an operation against protesters of Faizabad after they refused to end their sit-in after given deadline. But it was expanded further in different parts of the country. These protests and sit-in aren’t new to the nation but they always put a question mark on democratically elected leadership. However, this recent sit-in has taken us to yesteryears where the only source of information and news was Pakistan national television. According to local media, the cable operators were asked to halt new channels and orders were also made to impede social media across Pakistan. It was enraging indeed as being a citizen of a democratic state, it is my right to learn what is the matter, how it is being handled but instead we were likely to be home arrested.

This scenario hoists many questions i.e. why the government has still remained unsuccessful in this regard? Why they even come into power when they need the army to resolve the disrupted condition of the federal capital? As local media reported, interior ministry issued a notification and call in the army to restore peace of the provincial capital. And ministers were only seen making statements like, “we are ready for negotiations.” If they were really ready, why that sit-in continued for over two weeks?

Apart from this, protesters claimed themselves “peaceful” but according to media reports, they attacked the house of Law Minister, Zahid Hamid demanding his resignation, they entered in former Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar’s house. When MNA Javed Latif tried to negotiate, peaceful religious protesters injured him as well. The damage isn’t stopped here as they show no mercy on media and members of media teams were assaulted in several cities. They even set DSNG van of a private channel on fire, reportedly.

Amongst this haphazard situation, common man always suffers. Everything from roads blockade to force shut down of schools and shops was repeated this time as well. These protest and sit-ins might have served any purpose ever but they didn’t every time. As media reported five people got killed and over 100 injured in Saturday’s episode. And we have witnessed an unfortunate tragedy of APS previously as well which still haunts us. Ensuring stability in the country and ending protests and sit-ins on peaceful note should be government’s top priority and no party should be allowed to paralyze the country as it never brought any positive change.