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The first future Space Tourist from South Asia and Monaco, Namira Saleem

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Namira Saleem

Namira Salim is a devoted advertiser of Private Spaceflight, the new time space investigation and a sharp supporter of tranquil uses of space.  She has embraced spearheading harmony endeavors to each of the three poles of the world, and is the first Pakistani and first lady from Monaco and the UAE (her family base) to have reached the North and South Poles in 2007/08, just as the first Asian to skydive over Mount Everest during the notable First Everest Skydives in 2008.
Namira holds an Ivy League Masters qualification in International Affairs from Columbia University. She has held authority peace themed presentations during the United Nations General Assembly in New York, UNESCO's Executive Board and UNESCO's OIC Day in Paris and has held occasions under the Patronage of Royalty from Monaco and Dubai.
She has filled in as Honorary Ambassador of Tourism for Pakistan and as First Honorary Consul of Pakistan to Monaco, having initiated political relations between the two nations in 2009. She is situated in the Principality of Monaco since 1997. Namira was improved by the "Medal of Excellence" by the President of Pakistan in 2011.

She is the founder and chairperson of Space Trust. She is internationally renowned as the first future Space Tourist from South Asia and Monaco to go to space aboard Virgin Galactic –the first private space-line of the world.
In an interview she expressed how she got to be the First Pakistani Astronaut and she explained her story as “I was in Monaco doing some work on my computer and I came across the news that Virgin and Richard [Branson] were going to launch the first private spaceflight [company]. And I just picked up the phone and I called our commercial director and I told him, I said, ‘Listen, I want to join, but you know, I want to be the first one from Pakistan, first from Monaco.’ There were 44,000 applicants. And you know, I mean, there was a selection process. I joined in January 2006. And in March 2006, Richard came to Dubai to launch Virgin Galactic and since I was the first customer from the [United Arab Emirates], he actually invited me and he launched Virgin Galactic with me. And then the government of Pakistan invited me and can you imagine a little girl growing up in Pakistan, thinking of going to space, was launched by the country on the national level as the “First Pakistani Astronaut.”