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Much Respect for Gulzar Hussain !!

Admin    19 July 2019    0 comments

Gulzar Hussain

Gulzar Hussain, a resident of Luqmankhel in Upper Kurram tribal district, lost one of his arms and both legs in an improvised explosive device (IED) blast when he was too young to even realise what had happened to him.However, despite the disability he never lost hope and tried to do things like normal children.

He completed his Master's degree but faced many hardships as he rode a donkey's back while completing his early education of school. He never gave up and stood strong till completion of his master’s degree in Islamic Studies and PTC course. Even now he did not lose any ray of hope and reason for living but he is now teaching the under-privileged children of his native village in a local government primary school for Rs6,000 a month.
Mr. Hussain earned alot of respect from the villagers and from the parents of the students whom he taught despite facing these tough and brutal conditions. Mohammad Rashid, whose son is also a student of Mr Hussain, said that the government should appoint the special teacher to a permanent post as he had the commitment and qualifications to do the job.

The story of Gulzar Hussain inspires us and makes us rethink that life can be harder and it can be harder than yours but they don't lose hope so why should you. His story tells us to never give up hope on the dreams you have set eyes on.

Photo Source: DAWN