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Cloudburst Wreak Hovac in Neelum Valley, AJK.

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Cloudburst Wreak Hovac in Neelum Valley, AJK.

Neelum Valley, one of the most famous tourist spots located in Kashmir, Pakistan. Neelum Valley is widely known for its beautiful atmosphere, environment and the natural beauty that attracts many tourists. In 2005 it was badly affected due to the Kashmir earthquake.
lately, On Monday 15 July 2019 an unfortunate turn of events took place in the Neelum Valley. Cloudburst wreaked havoc in the Neelum Valley. Cloudburst is a rare phenomenon in which a large amount of water pours down on the ground due to the burst of clouds and lately throughout Pakistan cloudburst is happening.  Rainfall is considered a cloudburst when it reaches the 100mm of rain per hour.
A total of 28 people were reported to have been dead and dozens were missing including women and children after heavy rainfalls and flash floods destroyed the beautiful valley.

The officials arrived at a quick pace to help the people of the Valley and tourists. State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) Director Operations Saaedur Rehman Qureshi confirmed the death toll and said it was likely to rise over the coming hours. He said the deceased include 10 Islamic missionaries from the Tablighi Jamaat, four of whom were from Lahore, five from Faisalabad and one from Sheikhupura. Reports also confirmed the death of five people in touring jeep that fell off from the bridge into the River Neelum, including the death of a little girl. Luckily one person made it out alive but he was in a critical condition and was admitted to the hospital immediately. 150 houses, multiple shops, and two mosques were completely wiped out by the devastating flood. The traffic flow is disrupted and huge traffic is stuck while the internet and cell phone services are also affected.
We are frantically searching for more missing people. This is a popular tourist spot so there is a strong probability of the death toll increasing. An emergency control room has been established in Muzaffarabad (058-21921643) to supervise and coordinate the rescue operation.” said the officials and they requested the people of Kashmir to cooperate as much as they can. 52 people were rescued by Pakistan Army that were either left stranded or were stuck in the flood. They have continued their search operation to rescue more stranded people.Natural disasters do happen and with the increase in temperature and melting of
glaciers and due to global warming, we all should expect natural disasters more often. Little can humans do to prevent themselves from natural disasters as they cannot be stopped by humans but at least humans can take precautions to save themselves on time. Nowadays with the expensive hotels that are located on the safe side which only some people could afford, people tend to stay and settle in a cheap hotel full of dangerous things and which is not located in a safe spot. Tourists should save and spend some extra amount of money while touring and they should settle at a safe spot. People go for tents and settle themselves in a forest. It is a beautiful sight but full of dangers ahead awaiting them. Why not prefer life over risking it.
Tourists before touring a place should search it on the internet If not on the internet they can at least read articles and magazines about it. Research thoroughly and accurately and take precautions every time as death does not tell a person when it would come. Before going to tour a place, one should be ready at all times what to do if anything is to happen naturally or unnaturally. Ask people about their experience of the tour to the place and how they dealt with the problems that they faced.
The government can settle departments in those spots which are affected most of the time by natural disasters. They can not build up or send all the state officials to those places as they are limited but they can build up and settle it in those spots which are affected most of the time.
An evacuation shelter should be made in dangerous tourism spots so if something is about to happen the people should immediately use the evacuation shelter. Awareness should be spread and detailed knowledge is to be given to the people of the places. Signboards are a must to let the people know what danger is waiting for them ahead. Emergency numbers should be installed all the time so that if something is about to happen those numbers are used to inform the officials.
A group of squadrons is to be sent in dangerous spots but Pakistan has limited sources to make it happen so police should be ready at any moment to take responsibilities before the officials reach the place.

Neelum Valley flood was one of the hurting events that took place in the history of Pakistan.
May the lost souls find peace and we pray those who are lost are found soon.

Photo Credit: AP Photo