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Complicated Surgery turned into new life phase for minor !!

Admin    15 July 2019    0 comments

Complicated Surgery turned into new life phase for minor !!

Miracles do happen in Pakistan now and then. A miraculous surgery was being operated on a 7 years old child who is from Afghanistan’s Helmand province.

A 2.5-kilogram of brain tumor was found out in his head which was going to be a critical situation for the child and it was never an easy operation. It was operated in a private hospital in Abbottabad but it was a highly complicated one. This operation was pulled off by a well-known  Pakistani neurosurgeon Dr.Abdul Aziz. The operation had been termed as  ‘extremely complicated’ by the Indian and Turkish experts.
Speaking to The Express Tribune on Sunday, Dr. Aziz said the brain tumor weighed two and a half kilos and had already damaged an eye and an ear of the patient. He said the child was being given further medical aid following the surgery and his condition was improving gradually.

“Experts [from India and Turkey] had declared this surgery extremely difficult and complicated, but we proved that it was possible,” said Dr. Aziz.