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Shamim Akhtar: First Pakistani Female Heavy Vehicle Driver

Admin    15 July 2019    0 comments

Shamim Akhtar

Shamim Akhtar, 57 years old is a proud Pakistani female driver who is the resident of Rawalpindi in Pakistan who broke the cultural and societal barriers that exist in peoples mind. Shamim Akhtar's journey was never an easy one and it would be impossible for anyone in place of Shamim. Shamim faced many hardships in her journey to be Pakistan's first-ever female driver. Shamim saw poverty and hunger at some stage but despite culture & traditions Shamim sought freedom and she took a courageous step forward and shattered all the chains which never let her help her family and she started driving a truck.

The journey of Shamim was a bit complicated, she chose to drive a heavy vehicle (truck) to support her family. She had to take heavy vehicle driving license classes in male environment but to support her family (having 5 children), the gaze of man never stopped her to achieve her dream. Later on, due to her struggles, she received a public service vehicle license allowing her to drive heavy vehicles, made her the First Pakistani Woman to achieve such kind of license. She gave the credit of her current progress to Islamabad police. Due to her strong driving skills and better than many drivers, a colleague of her used some respectful words for Shamim that "She behaves well and treats us like her sons. We too treat her as a mother and that is how our relationship goes".
Shamim said that "I used to motivate myself to do something and bring back more for my children" and here she is being the first-ever Pakistani female driver to have ever stepped up to this hard work.

Now a single mom has found a second family in the same community of male truck drivers.
"If you work hard and you do your best you can do anything"
 Shamim Akhtar.