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Dr. Naveed Syed: The Inventor of the Bionic Chip

Admin    13 July 2019    0 comments

Dr. Naveed Syed

Dr. Naweed Syed is the first ever scientist and a Pakistani-Canadian scientist to connect brain cells to silicon chip. This technology can bring change to the medical world and this can prevent a person from many diseases.

In an interview he told the spokesperson of the media how the chip works. If the chip is implanted into someone's mind then if he ever suffers from seizure the chip will automatically send information from brain to his mobile device or a guardian's mobile device. The chip picks up the activity of the person and if it catches any sorts of abnormality inside the body it will warn the person through dialing of mobile phone. A type of prevention is made before the disease or an attack, a kind of warning one can say. The long term and other use of the chip cell is that if it is implanted in a certain way then one can feel his hand and move it freely. Dr.Naweed further explained that suppose someone hand is amputated and he feels the phantom pain ( the pain that brain cells sends information to neurons ), there is no limb attached but the neurons are not severed from the brain cells. Thus, the brain functions as there is a limb present. So, if the chip is implanted to this area of the brain cells the person will feel almost no pain and he will easily control the prosthetic leg or the prosthetic hand.

This is so far the greatest feat achieved by a doctor from Pakistan. Not many people can achieve this feat, some foreign doctors are still in doubt because a feat of this caliber is not an easy task to achieve and that of implanting a chip to brain cells without even causing harm to the brain or damaging it. Connecting brain cells to electronic chips opens up the potential to take artificial intelligence computing to the next stage and Dr.Syed plays a leading role in this quest.

This is indeed a great honor for Pakistan.