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Dr. NAEEM TAJ: Twice Guinness World Record holder for Laproscopic Surgery

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Dr Naeem Taj

Dr. Muhammad Naeem Taj one of the famous surgeons in Pakistan, known for many great surgeries. He has made Pakistan proud on many occasions throughout the world and he made the medical department of Pakistan famous for their hard work in operations and saving important lives of humans. He is currently the head of the CDA Surgical Department in Islamabad.

He is the only doctor in the world to have two world records to this day. No other doctor has achieved this feat. He is also known for holding the record of “The youngest surgeon to have gallstones and gall bladder removed.” Guinness World Record confirmed that the youngest person to have gallstones and gallbladder removed is Muhammad Saffi-Ullah who was 4 years and 98 days old at the time of surgery on 27 September 2014.
The world started to acknowledge him and the operation that made him famous which involved the removal of the longest gallstone and gallbladder through the laparoscopic procedure. The gallbladder was about 25 centimeters long. This record was previously held by an Indian doctor who removed the 23 centimeters long gallbladder but he conducted an open surgery (surgery in which the effected part is dissected and operation is done). However, Dr. Naeem Taj conducted a laparoscopic surgery which is one of the hardest procedures.
He mentioned, “You need some luck, miracle, hard work and the help of Allah in an operation of this caliber. No age is exempted from gallstones and it’s better to prevent its complications by removing it early on before it causes serious complications which can be life threatening” He also removed over five thousand gallstones from a patient. His miraculous work has never stopped!

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appreciates Dr. Taj for what is he able to contribute.