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Jamil Ahmad (Writer & Civil Servant)

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Jamil Ahmad

Jamil Ahmad who was a Pakistani civil servant, a novelist and a story writer, born on 1 June 1931 in the Province of Punjab (Undivided India) later on, becoming Pakistan. He was married to Helga Ahmad who brought a change in his life and she struggled for his publications of writings as well.
Jamil Ahmad worked in Pakistan's tribal areas as he was a civil servant so maintaining peace among the tribal areas was a must thing to do. Those areas are dangerous as they are all tribes also called FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). They are near to the Torkham border, performing duty in those areas is dangerous. Jamil Ahmad thoroughly observed the people of the tribes and noticed every step they take as is the duty of a civil servant. In his service, he studied them and got to know a lot about them. Jamil Ahmad slowly and steadily grew affection for the people of the tribes and he started to acknowledge how they differentiate between the right and wrong, he mentioned " They didn't know how to read or write but they knew what, you know, the basics of what, you know, human values are." in a visit of INSKEEP to the house of Jamil Ahmad. However, he also mentioned that "they destroying a system which was a strong countervailing system to all what is happening today - terrorism".
Jamil Ahmad published the most famous book "The Wandering Falcon" in which he wrote about how the tribes deal with things in their way. The book was about how a young boy and a young girl fell in love with each other and they perform adultery and they are killed by the people of the tribe as for the name of justice and prestige. The girl gives birth to a son and she is killed after giving birth, now the boy has to live without his parents. The protagonist of the story is this boy that how he deals with the struggles of life and how he stabilizes himself without his parents.
Jamil Ahmad said that he wrote the book because of Helga as he wrote poetry for her but she was perfunctory for his work and told him why he don't write about tribal areas because he spent most of the time in tribal areas.
So I began writing stories about the tribal areas, unfortunately, they were not published and then I wrote down "The Wandering Falcon". It took about 2-3 years to finish this book but no one was interested in this book. He further said that we tried to sell it, we sent it to America and England but no one was interested.  Helga was persistent and she kept showing it to journalists, diplomats, and others until a publisher finally bought it.
The book was then later on published in 2011 when the old age had already hit Jamil Ahmad and he was 79 years old.
The Wandering Falcon which was shortlisted for Man Asian Literary Prize, widely known as Asia's highest literary award, in 2011. The book was also a finalist for DSC prize for South Asian Literature in 2013. He was presented Sitara-e-Imtiaz.
Finally, Jamil Ahmad's wish has come to life and then at the age of 83 on 12 July 2014 he finally passed away and now he rests in peace.