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ADB approves $235m loan for innovative transport system in Karachi.

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Karachi BRT

ADB approves $235m loan for innovative transport system in Karachi. Asian Development Bank as always came to help Pakistan in developing the country. It has helped Pakistan on various occasions such as the Peshawar BRT, Lahore BRT and now the Asian Development Bank has approved a loan of $575m to Pakistan, as part of the $575m financing loan envelope Pakistan will get $235m loan for the establishment of BRT in Karachi. According to a press release by the ADB,

  • Karachi BRT Red Line will be a 26.6 kilometers long and it will benefit those who are near the BRT Line Red line and its associated facilities. It is expected to benefit up to 1.5 million individuals who live within a km of the Red Line BRT station
  • A total of 3.9km BRT Orange Line will run and 22.1 km
  • BRT Green Line will connect the Northern part of the city
  • The 20.4km BRT Yellow Line runs from Dawood Chorangi to Saddar and Numaish Chorangi
  • The 9.7km Purple Line runs from Baldia to Shershah,
  • The 11.8km Aqua Line runs from Hawks Bay to Gulbai.

The ABD estimated that over 300,000 passengers  expected to take advantage of the Red Line BRT routes on a daily basis meaning that over 300,000 passengers will benefit from this project and it will bring an ease to the transportation of the people. Karachi is the business center of Pakistan and most of the citizens of Pakistan work in Karachi. The heart of the Sindh that is Karachi has the highest economy rate of Pakistan and an ease transportation would mean more job opportunities and more job opportunities means that the eradication of unemployment and an ease for the transportation. "There is a need for a more sustainable, reliable, safe, and gender and environment-friendly transportation system in a city as dense and rapidly growing as Karachi. A sustainable transportation system will not only solve the city’s mobility issue but also it’s growing pollution problem," ADB Principal Urban Development Specialist (Transport) for Central and West Asia David Margonsztern was quoted as saying. “The BRT system, with its innovative features, will address all these issues, improving the overall quality of lives of people in the city," he added.

From the peoples point of view this would be a life changing development for Karachi as Karachi is the largest city in Pakistan and it’s too much wide that if you start travelling in a taxi it will have a bad effect on your wallet. Too much places to explore and too much expensive fares of ride makes it un-easy travelling in Karachi. The people would take a huge benefit from this new transportation method as before the announcement of this project people would use the buses and the buses in Karachi were already in bad condition and never have been monitored. So it’s a huge step towards the success of Karachi transportation. But the load, pressure and burden of debt is increasing day by day on Pakistan. If this project is successful then it would have a good effect on paying the external debts.