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The Prime Minister Imran khan inaugurated the “Road to Makkah” project.

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Road to Makkah

The project of Road to Makkah is a convenience project for the pilgrims and the people of Pakistan. This facility was provided for various countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Tunis to facilitate the pilgrims with ease. Saudi officials and government had set up counters where immigration was made an easy task for the pilgrims. Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman showed special love for Pakistan and he showed his love for the including of Pakistan in this project. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan played a vital role in this project for Pakistan and he himself requested Saudi government to include Pakistan in this project. Hence Saudi government showed no signs of any restrictions and made the project available for Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan requested the Saudi crown prince Muhammad Bin Salman during his visit to Islamabad to include Pakistan in the “Road to Makkah” project so that it would facilitate around 225,000 Hajj pilgrims and everyone throughout the Pakistan would benefits from this opportunity that is provided to them.

The Prime Minister Imran khan finally inaugurated the “Road to Makkah” project on Friday, 5 july, 2019.
The “Road to Makah project” started on the morning of Friday 5th of July when a Saudi airline flight took off from Islamabad international airport carrying 350 Hajj pilgrims. This project was available to almost all of the cities of Pakistan. The flights that took off for Hajj and availed the project were from Peshawar, Karachi, Islamabad, later on the pilgrims that would take advantage from this project would leave from the various cities that are Sukkar , Multan , Rahim Yar Khan , Faisalabad and Sialkot.
The project is that the pilgrims would take off directly to Makkah without any delay. This would give an ease for the pilgrims and also this would take away some their exhaustion. In this project the airlines or planes won’t be forced to take a detour or another route to reach Makkah but they would be taken directly to the city of peace, prosperity and the city where prayers are heard, that is Makkah where millions of Muslims offer prayers and holy worship that is Hajj. This project will cut off the extra 12 hrs to reach Makkah that would be wasted in the connecting flights and people will reach Makkah in short amount of time. The immigration process is also made easy for the citizens so that they won’t face any troubles later on upon reaching. A person has to verify everything from his own country and upon reaching he will no longer be forced to do extra work or more wait. Due to this project a pilgrim will no longer have to worry about spending extra amount of money instead he will have to spend less money now.