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Integrity and being loyal to your Profession is what counts most!

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Shariq Kamal. Police

DPO Bahawalnagar being given farewell by the locals after he was Sacked by IG Punjab for not apologizing to the local MNA. Indeed integrity and being loyal to your Profession is what counts most!

According to initial media reports from Bahawalnagar, young DPO, Shariq Kamal, known for his integrity took action against the close aides of a local strong man – MNA Lalika – who were intercepted in a drunken state at a police check post and who getting berserk then thrashed the policemen on duty. It is important to remember that Bahawalnagar is a border town with India and check posts are routine.

MNA complained to the Prime Minister. There are some reports, though not confirmed, that he initially complained to the Chief Minister, Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif, who refused taking action against the District Police Officer for doing what a good police officer should have done. But then MNA reached up to the Prime Minister. According to the media reports reaching Islamabad, IGP Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera called the DPO and told him that he should go to the local MNA’s house and apologize to him and his aides otherwise he will loose his coveted position as head of district police and will be thrown out of the province.

DPO Shariq Kamal Siddique chose the second option. He refused apologizing to the MNA for doing what he considered the right thing to do as the head of district police. On his refusal he was immediately sacked and a notification has been issued surrendering him to the establishment division in Islamabad

Salute to this brave son of Soil for standing against injustice and setting an example for other officers.