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Drug addiction in Pakistani youth

Admin    13 April 2019    0 comments


Drugs are chemicals that enter the chemical milieu of the brain and start their action there onward. If they have an impact on the brain, they can clearly lead to a lot of social issues such as drug abuse and drug dependency. Issues like these are on the increase in Pakistan and it is basically the youth that has over the years started to resort to drugs.

A lot of us go to universities and colleges and what do we see there? Yes, bunches of people smoking up. And not to forget, nicotine is a drug too so if you think smoking cigarettes does not make you a drug user…think twice!!

And out of every ten people, two of them are addicted to drugs. And why do you think this is the case in Pakistan? Most of the youngsters end up “trying” drugs because of peer pressure. Well who wouldn’t to fit into a group of people who consume drugs and to them it appears to be something that is pretty “cool” and is a status symbol. IT IS NOT. Not that I mean to offend you, it Is entirely your choice but the health implications that tag along with drug usage are immense.

The usage of drugs was already on the high in Karachi and Lahore, after the numerous sheesha cafes have sprung up over the recent years. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are two other cities where drug addicts are increasing. Heroine, cannabis in the form of hashish are being consumed routinely in Karachi and Lahore and it is NOT OKAY! Think of the downside other than you and your group of friends being judged as the drugees, well that’s a given. Drug addiction can cause economic issues in the form of lower productivity, followed by job losses. And someone with an education would not want to risk his/her family in this way.

The youth also believes it is a way of escaping depression which comes as a result of self gratification. It is time we act onto it and just for a millisecond think of the bad effects of drug usage, because for sure, drug addiction is the craziest thing one can do to himself/herself.

Here’s a recent UN report about the level of drug consumption in Pakistan.