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IQBAL – A Revolutionist, Not a Mere Dreamer!

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Allama Iqbal

In the truthful melody of never dying words, uttered a few moments before his death, Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal sums up his journey as a great philosopher who strived only one thing until it came to his destination, to his last final breath, Fikr – the pondering and perception of life. Such a shame, such regret, that a Faqir like him will never be born.
Iqbal is not only a philosopher, a poet, a muser or a dreamer but Iqbal is an era, a phenomenon, a thought of greatness, a word of wisdom and self-awareness. It feels out of depth to talk about a man of such immensity of intellect and spirit as Dr. Iqbal.

The melody that is departed may or may not return again.
A breeze from Hedjaz may or may not blow again.
The days of this Faqir have come to an end.
Another knower of secrets may or may not come.

Today, with 9th November approaching, the question of a public holiday is the only talk of the town; yet there is no one to be blamed about such mindset as the great ideas of a man of high intellect and spirituality are somehow bound to the only concept of “dreamer of Pakistan”, which, with such declining state, holds no esteemed regard among the youth. What needs to be understood is that it is not only the significance of the idea rendered by Iqbal that makes him great but what awes the world is the personality that lies underneath the spiritual and theological folds of this man.

The greatest contribution of Iqbal that draws the world to his intellectual comprehension is the way he interpreted religion. In the world of illiterate clerics and mullas and the declarers of sinners and kafirs, Iqbal reinvented the image and necessity of religion that perfectly matches the concept and striving of the present youth. The situation of life, we are doomed in, makes religion and its followers, aliens to a logical person. Iqbal, the believer of logic, enunciated the reality of religion as the spirit of discovery that leads to the courage and freedom to experience a direct contact with ultimate reality. This is what a confused mind of today’s world haphazardly seeks for.

A misconception that rusts today’s young minds and souls in an attempt to understand Iqbal is the continuous effort of our writers to picture every time the same and only view of Iqbal’s personality as a man mentally living in eleventh century, dreaming for a separate identity, confusing the youth on the subject of peace and acceptance for unusual. The hyper religiosity that has set the whole country on fire can only be set in equanimity and can be soothed to promote the mental peace only by the concept of Khudi – the root cause for the demand of an individual identity – extended by Iqbal but all those holding grudges against people’s mandates and equality of rights quote Iqbal as a military dictator or a violent extremist or a man simply orthodox and a thinker unsuitable to today’s world albeit, if studied closely, it is the mindset of Iqbal that forces the man out of his shell and comfort zone.

The well-conceived sedition of making our heroes controversial and orthodox to our youth has worked so well that the entire nation only bothers to get a holiday on the day of birth of this mystic and philosopher that once had changed the attitude and outlook of an entire era. A consequent tautness is inevitable in perpetuity and change yet excluding a major part on life of Iqbal and his prose and poem contributions out of the curriculum is only leading the youth to an even deteriorating state of affairs; be it personal or political, and it is a sin that will dissolve the backbone of an emerging Ummah into nothingness.

Evolution is what the world is about and it was only Iqbal who recognized the evolving needs of Islamic bent of mind. Iqbal’s personality is too multidimensional to be tied to a single concept or image. The diversity of his soul is the attraction of his words. It is high time that instead of merely declaring a public holiday on November 9th, attempts must be made to study Iqbal not as a dreamer, not as a philosopher but a pragmatic influence to link spiritual salvation with intellectual change and social development. The logical youth of today demands reason. Not the emotion. It is time that instead of clinging to a single aspect of our national heroes, they must be studied as subject to seek guidance from the real leadership to steer Pakistan to nontoxic shores from alien waters in which it is trapped today. Iqbal’s foresightedness was aware of what the coming time will make out of him to the youth that he, himself, clearly pronounced the diversity of his ideas in the words:


 “I am waiting for the votaries that rises at dawn:

Oh, happy they who worship my fire.

I am a note which needs none to play it

I am the song of the poet of to-morrow.

My own age does not understand my deep ideas,

My Joseph is not meant for this market.

My song is for another age than this;

This bell calls travellers who belong to another era to take the road.”