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Female circumcision is a torture, not a culture

Admin    13 April 2019    0 comments

Warning: The following article contains information that readers may find uncomfortable or disturbing to read

We think the tortures in our community are limited to load shedding, expensive utilities, and work related politics. However, the deeper we dig, the scarier the reality gets.

I read about female circumcision a long time ago, taking place in some parts of Africa. It disgusted me, and I tossed the article aside; after all it was Africa, the land of cannibals and primal rituals. It was recently that I came across a few articles about these practices taking place in Egypt, United Kingdom and even in Pakistan.

According to World Health Organization, Female genital mutilation is defined as all procedures involving removal or impartial removal of the external female genitalia or the injury to female genital organs for non-medical reasons.
The process is carried out for a wide range of reasons, none of which have any positive health impacts. As a social cause, many females and families are pressurized to surrender the tradition of female genital mutilation from generations to generations.

People who practice FGM are motivated by the belief that by mutilating the female genitalia, a girl will feel no difficulty in resisting “illicit” sexual acts. Moreover, the fear of experience pain that comes with the opening of the stitches of the narrowed/covered vaginal opening is said to prevent further “illicit” relations amongst women and men.

However, women who have been through the ordeal of FGM have clarified that the practice has not benefited them in any ways. In fact, it is the sourced of incredibly painful ordeals throughout pregnancy, childbirth and intercourse. To minimize sexual desire and to preserve virginity, this procedure can lead to psychological trauma to child, with anxiety, panic attacks and sense of humiliation. It can also reduce female sexual response, and may lead to frigidity and anorgasmia, infertility and in severe cases even death.

In recent years, the act of FGM is practiced amongst selected areas and communities of Pakistan, one example being the Bohra Muslims. There are roughly 100,000 Bohra Muslims in the country, mostly in southern regions of Pakistan, such as Sindh. Due to a rise in strict sect compliance by the Bohra Muslims, the practice of this practice has increased a lot.

Whereas, since Pakistan is an Islamic State, let’s see what Islam says about this practice. To begin with, the Holy Quran doesn’t bear even a single mention of female circumcision. In addition to this, there is no Hadith that mandates this practice.

According to the Dean of Faculty of Shariah of Al Azhar, Sheikh Talib;
“All practices of female circumcision and mutilation are crimes and have no relationship with Islam.”
Since, there is no particular law against Female circumcision in Pakistan, but this unethical and inhumane practice against women must be eradicated immediately.

Perhaps, a young is screaming in pain, at this very moment, as you read this article. However it is not too late, we can still make a difference.

The Logical Pakistani thinks that we can rise up, and raise our voices for those innocent girls whose families have FGM in plan for them. One voice may not be loud, but when an entire assembly of voices unites together, it makes a difference. Let us, thus, rise up together and put a stop to this torture.