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Pointing out that society has a rape problem should be about the least controversial thing you can do, in any setting. It is impossible to say how many rapes occur in Pakistan because so many go unreported, but there is universal agreement that too many women are being victimized and that the system often fails them. But we fail victims in another way, too: by automatically assuming, as we just did there, that all of the victims are women.

Most of us realize in theory that men can be raped by women as well, but it’s just not seen as that big of a problem. Unless the victim is a child, female on male rape is considered so absurd that the only time we really see it is when it is being portrayed as slapstick in mainstream comedies.

But unfortunately people don’t believe if it can even really happen. According to the media reports, Karachi police had registered a case against three unidentified women who allegedly abducted a man and raped him over four consecutive days, and later threw him in Qayumabad River in an unconscious state, in 2009.

The victim was identified as Khalil, 23, who worked as waiter in restaurant. Khalil told police that a man ordered him to deliver food to the women sitting in a car outside the restaurant. He took the order to the women where they told him that they had recently shifted to the area. The women asked Khalil to deliver food to their house every day and asked him to come along in the care to see where their house was. Once they got to the house, they gave Khalil milk that had some drug in it, he felt unconscious after drinking it.


Khalil told police that after he regained consciousness, he found women who were “forcing themselves onto him” for four continuous days. Khalil told that his condition was really bad, his genitals were bleeding and he couldn’t walk properly. Later, the women threw him near Qayumabad River.

However, there are no media updates about what happened with the accused women later. But we cannot simply ignore the fact, the female on male rapes do really happen for real. Unfortunately there a few myths related to it too.

It is thought that males, even the young, cannot be victims of rape, nor even that they are vulnerable. People often think that a male must be aroused if he gets an erection or has an orgasm, and so that means that they are willing and enjoying any sexual activity. Also, men can protect themselves and they don’t get hurt in the way that women do.

But as per scientific research, “Arousal doesn’t mean consent”. Of course, a man can be forced to have sex. Often a response is involuntary and the person has a response even if doesn’t want to. And it’s still very much violation to have (unwanted) sex with a person even though they might be aroused.

Now it’s the need of time to understand the fact that female on male rape cases do occur and they must be reported to police. Rape victims do suffer physical/and or emotional violence regardless of whether the laws are good or bad, so rehabilitation of rape victims must be done on urgent basis.