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DASTAWEZAT-Easing Lives of Pakistani Students

Admin    13 April 2019    0 comments


Who can forget the dreaded phase when we had to go through the laborious and arduous procedure of getting into a university! The constant pressure of the incoming test dates, the sleepless nights due to the feeling of unpreparedness and the choked and restrained breathing at the thought of the future ordeals. That heart to mouth feeling whenever a “concerned” relative came and asked, “Beta, what’s your future plans?” Oh how one would like to burst into tears at the utter abhorrence of the question, and also the impossibility of the task at hand. The only standard answer one can muster is “Gee, pray for me, it is all going good”; with every inch of your existence screaming otherwise.

But what really rubs salt into the proverbial (and in some extreme cases physical) wounds is the laborious paperwork and administrative process of getting an admission. Those endless lines of form submissions outside a university, or the waiting in long queues for fee submission in the banks really piles up the misery. The wastage of time in performing these extensive yet important task increases the anxiety levels exponentially, as all the time one’s thinking if only I could somehow hand over these tasks to someone else and get back to studying for the entry tests. It gets even worse if you’re living in a far flung place, and have to travel all the way – wasting precious time and money – just for a bloody form submission.

For the students who are about to embark on this journey, I congratulate you all! For you are probably the luckiest lot in a long long time. And no, we’re not going to give away the entry test answer keys to you guys, that you’ll have to work and earn. But here at DASTAWEZAT we recognize your needs, and offer you a helping hand in going through the administrative process. Whether it is the submission of forms in a farfetched university, or submission of fee in a bank, DASTAWEZAT is the one stop solution for all your worries.

Just send us the details, documents, bank drafts etc. and we’ll ensure timely submission and confirmation. No need to get hassled in long lines or go through the horrid process all by yourself. DASTWAEZAT is here to help you out!