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A Pakistani Student invents ‘smart’ walking stick to help thousands of sufferers

A Pakistani student entrepreneur whose grandfather was debilitated by Parkinsons disease has created...

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He is not attending school, Who is to be blamed?

My teacher used to beat me when I was 5, I told my parents but they never said anything to him, so I...

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How Education Changed My Life

I was born in one of most undeveloped areas of Southern Pakistan, Bhakkar; an area which still has n...

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I Fought My Way Back Against Terrorism

My family stayed in Swat during the operation against terrorism in 2009. I saw many innocent people...

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Young Pakistani Makes $230,000 By Working Online

My name is Danyal, but people usually call me by my nickname, Danny. I’m 22 years old and live...

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Enough talks about patience, hope and health

I am losing my mind over this, I have spent 17 months laying on a bed all day every day. I have deve...

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Madam Kamla Poonam from Mithi, Tharparkar.

I was born in Tando Jam. After primary education, there was only urdu medium to study, which my fami...

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Meet The Legendary Unsung Hero Lance Naik Imran Khan

Meet legendary unsung hero of this nation. Meet Lance Naik Imran Khan. Hes joined Pakistan army in 2...

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‘You Won’t Have My Hate’: Paris Terror Victim’s Husband Tells ISIS

The Facebook post of a man whose wife was killed in the Paris terror attacks is being widely shared...

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