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Stop waiting for a miracle and start striving!

In March 2008, I was returning to my hometown Muzaffarabad along with my family after attending a we...

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It Entirely Depends On How We Represent Our Country

I am Maham Saeed, and I am currently living in the United States as an exchange student.I got here t...

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Ali Nawaz Soomro – An Inspiration

I am Ali Nawaz Soomro and I belong to Thar, located in Sindh, Pakistan. I was born without limbs but...

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All you have to do is believe in yourself, and that will be the first step you take towards glory!

Hi, My Name is Syed Jaffar Abbas, I’m 17 Years old and I’m currently studying in A2 (A-L...

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There May Be Days When You Get Up In The Morning And Things Aren’t The Way You Had Hoped They Would Be.

Assalam o Alaikum, I am Hafiz Awais Zafer (Awaisiiii for my closer ones). I am currently Studying in...

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Is our compassion for less fortunate persons dying ?

Hi, I wanted to share this post with you all. I recently visited Pakistan after 24 years and as much...

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My Dreams & Spirits Are Higher Than a Normal Human Being – Sarim Hassan

Hi, I am Sarim Hassan, I’m a muscular disorder patient but my dreams & spirits are higher...

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Student team from NUST to conquer tracks at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2018

A student team called NUST Ecomotive has made their mark at Shell Eco-marathon France 2017 and they...

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Lustful You, Vulnerable Me

Who hates Malala? I asked and entire class raised their hands. As I asked, Why? they did not have a...

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