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Mehdi Hassan, King of Ghazals

Mehdi Hassan also known as "King of Ghazal" or the "Shahanshah-e-Ghazal" was born in India on 18 Jul...

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Much Respect for Gulzar Hussain !!

Gulzar Hussain, a resident of Luqmankhel in Upper Kurram tribal district, lost one of his arms and b...

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ICJ Verdict on Kulbhushan Jadhav case.

Kulbhushan Yadav was (49 years old) is an Indian national. It is alleged by the Pakistani government...

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GST in Pakistan. An Overview & misconceptions

General Sales Tax (GST), which is a modified form of Value Added Tax (VAT). In Pakistan, since recen...

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Cloudburst Wreak Hovac in Neelum Valley, AJK.

Neelum Valley, one of the most famous tourist spots located in Kashmir, Pakistan. Neelum Valley is w...

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Unemployment in Pakistan, few Reasons !!

The unemployment in Pakistan is very high and a major cause for some illegal activities to take plac...

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Akhtar Hameed Khan: A Visionary Social Activist.

Akhtar Hameed Khan who was born on 15 July 1914 in Agra, India was a famous Pakistani development pr...

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Complicated Surgery turned into new life phase for minor !!

Miracles do happen in Pakistan now and then. A miraculous surgery was being operated on a 7 years ol...

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Shamim Akhtar: First Pakistani Female Heavy Vehicle Driver

Shamim Akhtar, 57 years old is a proud Pakistani female driver who is the resident of Rawalpindi in...

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