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Integrity and being loyal to your Profession is what counts most!

DPO Bahawalnagar being given farewell by the locals after he was Sacked by IG Punjab for not apologi...

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On Failure, On Persistence

Failure, One word that everybody fears. An insidious concept that has the power to halt a goal or id...

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Amazing People Like Him Do Exist!

On Tuesday night around 8PM I ordered myself an UBER, unlike all the posts I have read about bad exp...

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Rafia Qaseem: In A League Of Her Own

It is indeed a quite an achievement that Rafia Qaseem Baig is training to become first Pakistani fem...

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Aware Girls: NGO

Aware Girls was founded in 2002 and operates in the face of severe violence, not just in Peshawar bu...

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Lahore Beauty Salon Rebuilding Acid Attack Survivors Lives

A Pakistani entrepreneur has opened a beauty salon to help rehabilitate the female survivors of acid...

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Drug addiction in Pakistani youth

Drugs are chemicals that enter the chemical milieu of the brain and start their action there onward....

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Child Sexual Abuse: When Will It End?

I have a tragic history of child molestation and sexual abuse. I grew up with three elder sisters, a...

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Child Sexual assaults; a legal way to go!

Revelations of a rape case of 5 year old girl in Lahore and a massive child abuse scandal in Kausur...

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