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Swears v/s Silence: The Problem in Pakistan

Ulemas are the heirs to the Prophets (Sahih Hadith) however, witnessing a self-proclaimed <strong>Am...

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Writer Who Brought New Dimensions To The Urdu Literature  

&nbsp;Col Mohammad Khan born in 1910 and&nbsp; died in 1999 was a Pakistan Army officer and a war ve...

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Dr Umar Saif : One Of The Top Young Innovators In The World

Umar Saif is a Pakistani computer scientist and entrepreneur, who is known for his work on using ICT...

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Farhan Masood: One of The Brilliant Minds In The World

Meet Farhan Masood, A college dropout, An entrepreneur, CEO Solo Smart and self learnt technologist....

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Pakistani Boy Becomes The Youngest MS Office Specialist  

A 5 year-old Pakistani boy&nbsp; Zidane Hamid has become the &nbsp;World youngest MS Office professi...

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Meet Hisham Sarwar, A Pakistani Freelancer With Over $1 Million in Earnings

Starting out with a regular job at a US based company, Hisham quickly found out that as a creative d...

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You Just Need To Have The Power To Believe So

To start with, I did not even know what squash was. I thought of it as some kind of drink you take....

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Muhammad Raza: The Child Prodigy

Mohammad Raza, an 11 year old, who is making waves due to his coding abilities. While kids his age a...

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