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Meet Mr. Shehzad From Pasni

Mr. Shehzad Mohammad Ali a 22 years old boy who belongs to a small town Pasni in district Gwadar Bal...

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Mama Vishan Thari: Edhi of Thar and Symbol of Harmony

Humanity is my religion thus I slighter amended my name as Mama<br />Mama Vishan Thari S/o Hansrajma...

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Stop waiting for a miracle and start striving!

In March 2008, I was returning to my hometown Muzaffarabad along with my family after attending a we...

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It Entirely Depends On How We Represent Our Country

I am Maham Saeed, and I am currently living in the United States as an exchange student.I got here t...

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Ali Nawaz Soomro – An Inspiration

I am Ali Nawaz Soomro and I belong to Thar, located in Sindh, Pakistan. I was born without limbs but...

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All you have to do is believe in yourself, and that will be the first step you take towards glory!

Hi, My Name is Syed Jaffar Abbas, I&rsquo;m 17 Years old and I&rsquo;m currently studying in A2 (A-L...

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There May Be Days When You Get Up In The Morning And Things Aren’t The Way You Had Hoped They Would Be.

Assalam o Alaikum, I am Hafiz Awais Zafer (Awaisiiii for my closer ones). I am currently Studying in...

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Is our compassion for less fortunate persons dying ?

Hi, I wanted to share this post with you all. I recently visited Pakistan after 24 years and as much...

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My Dreams & Spirits Are Higher Than a Normal Human Being – Sarim Hassan

Hi, I am Sarim Hassan, I&rsquo;m a muscular disorder patient but my dreams &amp; spirits are higher...

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